The easiest “Ice Cream” recipe ever.

I stole this recipe from my BFF Robyn (yes, I just called her my BFF…I am 12). Here is her blog.

This really isn’t so much a recipe as it is the most brilliant idea EVER.

“Ice Cream”


1 container of fat free cool whip, completely thawed out
1 package fat free/sugar free jello pudding mix–I used chocolate fudge!

1) Mix together slowly, ensuring all of the mix is incorporated into the cool whip.

2) Freeze.

3) Eat.

It’s that simple. And it’s not loaded with calories!

And trust me, if you’re in nursing school and studying for finals, it’s a lifesaver and keeps you from eating an entire carton of super fattening ice cream. Thank me later. Or, actually, thank Robyn. 🙂


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