Menu Planning–January 30th-February 13th

In the spirit of honesty I will fully admit that I have been cooking, but kind of slacking on posting recipes. I’ve decided I’m going to start posting my menu planning to A) keep track of what we’ve had so I’m not forcing my poor husband to eat the same thing every week and B) force myself to actually update this when I make new recipes.

There is no magic formula for my menu planning. I actually wish there were, lately I’ve had a lot of trouble deciding what to make. We plan for two weeks. I generally plan 7-8 meals and plan on having leftovers fairly often and (*gasp*) frozen pizza or something similar at least one night. I try to plan for at least two new recipes per two week period.

So, the menu for the next two weeks:

Homemade spinach and feta pizza
White chili
Fettuccine Alfredo/garlic knots
Turkey burgers/Boca spicy “chicken” sandwiches, cajun oven fries
Ricotta Gnocchi
Salsa and rice enchiladas**
Turkey enchiladas**

The starred menu items are the new recipes that I should be posting sometime in the next two weeks.

Hopefully after this menu cycle we will have used up all the leftover Thanksgiving turkey and I can go back to my regularly scheduled veggie blogging. 🙂


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