Menu Planning–Feb. 13th-Feb. 27th

As I think I said in my last menu planning post, I am generally on a two week schedule when it comes to menu planning and grocery shopping. Sometimes I don’t get to everything on my menu in the two week period, either because we ended up going out of town for something or because we’ve had more leftovers than I counted on. Whenever that happens I just move the recipes I didn’t make to the menu for the next two weeks. That happened to two of my recipes this time, so I’m not making them again, just rearranging things so I can make them in the first place!

The Menu

salsa and rice wraps
turkey burgers for Chad, boca “chicken” wraps for me w/ oven fries
bruschetta and salad
blue cheese pasta
sloppy joes and salad

As a side note, in case anyone in the Evansville area is looking for natural, humanely raised meat, I highly recommend Stonewall Farms. That’s where we got our turkey this past Thanksgiving. You can order individual cuts of meat or join one of their CSA programs. They are terrific!


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