What’s on the Menu? 9/12-9/18

Menu planning. Most of the time I hate it. HATE. I hadn’t had a lot of time to cook, so I kept filling up my meal plans with easy, semi-homemade stuff. It was depressing me.

Then I decided, for the sake of my sanity, to make time. Until my next round of finals. ūüôā

Monday 9/12-          Leftovers from Sunday 9/11 (Chicken and Dumplings!)

Tuesday 9/13           Pressed Caprese Sandwiches and salad

Wednesday 9/14 ¬† ¬† “Leftover” caprese sandwiches w/ baked potatoes (We’ll actually make the sandwiches fresh, we’ll just have enough ingredients to have them two days in a row.)

Thursday 9/15         Blue Cheese Pasta and garlic bread

Friday  9/16              Leftovers

Saturday 9/17 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Chad’s family reunion (I’m making (caramel apple? pumpkin spice?) cupcakes, he’s making chili)

Sunday   9/18          Stromboli 


My main goal when I make a meal plan is to make stuff that I know will result in leftovers. Either we have them for lunch the next day, or we have them the next evening, so really I’m only cooking three or four days of the week. Plus, on some nights, I con Chad into cooking and just give him the recipe. And that is why I married someone who can cook. (I kid, I kid–he’s kind of awesome in other ways as well.)

How do you do your meal planning?


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