What’s on the Menu? 9/12-9/18

Menu planning. Most of the time I hate it. HATE. I hadn’t had a lot of time to cook, so I kept filling up my meal plans with easy, semi-homemade stuff. It was depressing me.

Then I decided, for the sake of my sanity, to make time. Until my next round of finals. 🙂

Monday 9/12-          Leftovers from Sunday 9/11 (Chicken and Dumplings!)

Tuesday 9/13           Pressed Caprese Sandwiches and salad

Wednesday 9/14     “Leftover” caprese sandwiches w/ baked potatoes (We’ll actually make the sandwiches fresh, we’ll just have enough ingredients to have them two days in a row.)

Thursday 9/15         Blue Cheese Pasta and garlic bread

Friday  9/16              Leftovers

Saturday 9/17         Chad’s family reunion (I’m making (caramel apple? pumpkin spice?) cupcakes, he’s making chili)

Sunday   9/18          Stromboli 


My main goal when I make a meal plan is to make stuff that I know will result in leftovers. Either we have them for lunch the next day, or we have them the next evening, so really I’m only cooking three or four days of the week. Plus, on some nights, I con Chad into cooking and just give him the recipe. And that is why I married someone who can cook. (I kid, I kid–he’s kind of awesome in other ways as well.)

How do you do your meal planning?


Menu Planning May 30th-June 5th

I know, I know, I am incredibly behind, story of my life. As always, I blame school. Finals, tests, blah blah blah.

I do have a couple recipes that I need to post: one for a blue cheese mac and cheese that will change your life (seriously) and one for a BBQ pineapple pizza! I have three tests next week that I’m studying for, so hopefully I’ll get the recipes up after that.

Anyway, here is the menu plan for the next week!

Mon.-Blue cheese and spinach pasta
Wed.-Italian meatballs and baked potato
Saturday-Mexican casserole

Weekly Menu:May 9th-15th

It’s been a while, but I figured I should take some of my lazy Sunday time and update! As usual, I’ve been busy with school. Nothing too exciting there, unless you’re like me and you find PICC lines and G tubes interesting.

This has been an awesome weekend. We (Chad, me, my mom, and my sister-in-law) went to see Bob Seger in concert. Nothing is more awesome than seeing a 66 year old man dancing around stage and singing a song called “The Horizontal Bop”. Seriously. If you get a chance to catch one of his tour dates, you should absolutely do it. You can tell he just loves performing and I love, love him.

Anyway, moving on!

Chad and I have recently decided that we are wasting way too much money by trying to shop for two weeks at a time. The veggies and other fresh foods tend to go bad before the end of the second week and I feel like I’m throwing money down the toilet. We cook a LOT with fresh foods as opposed to frozen or canned (although we use those on occasion as well) so it was a real problem.  Because of that, we’re only shopping week to week now. And we’ve revamped the way we make our weekly menu.

If we have too much leeway in our menu plan, we have a tendency to say “Umm–I don’t want to cook, let’s eat out!” and that isn’t good for our budget our or calorie intake. So we’re going to focus on what are essentially “theme” days. Don’t get too excited, I’m not going all out or anything, but we will have set days where we cook a specific type of food, and every night is planned out. Obviously there is still wiggle room and if we really don’t want pasta on pasta night, we can switch it for another day, but I figured this would work best. Plus it helps me plan recipes and cuts down our eating out to twice a month, on preplanned nights.

So, our nights are:

Monday- Pasta night
Tuesday- Leftovers or (if there aren’t leftovers) turkey/veggie burgers
Wednesday- New Recipe Night (I get to pick whatever new recipe my little heart desires for this night.)
Thursday-Grill Night (recipes for the George Foreman or the outside grill)
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday- Mexican Night
Sunday is our night to wing it. Either leftovers from Saturday, or something easy.

So, with that in mind, this is what we’re having this week!

Monday- Lasagna Roll-ups & Salad
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Quesadillas
Thursday-  Panini and salad
Friday- BBQ Hawaiian Pizza
Saturday- Taco Squares
Sunday- Leftovers

There you have it! We’ll see how this week by week planning goes. 🙂

Menu Planning: April 10th-24th

The menu is pretty easy for the next couple of weeks. I have two exams this coming week and a ton of homework, so I’m not going to have too much time to spend in the kitchen.

I will be making a special birthday cheesecake for someone in my nursing school classes on Wednesday: Peanut butter/bacon. She requested it, I am not tormenting her, I promise. I’ll post about that when I get a chance.

On to the menu:

Panini and chilled berry soup
Lasagna Roll-Ups
Panini and baked potato
Taco squares**
Spinach and Tortellini salad**
Tomato and Blue Cheese pasta
Veggie calzones**

I’ll also have enough ingredients hanging around the house that I’m thinking about making Irish soda bread again. Yum!

Now, it’s too pretty a day to sit inside anymore, so the pups and I are going for a walk! Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend!

**=New Recipes!


Menu Planning: March 27th-April 10th

I have a couple recipes to blog about in the next few days (grasshopper bars and a Mexican casserole–yum!), but first–menu planning.

My menu plan for last week did not work out so well. My momma came to visit (yay!) so I didn’t do as much cooking as I had planned. Because of that, I moved a couple of the planned meals to this week.

Roasted red pepper sandwiches and soup**
Spinach and pepper panini and salad**
Baked potato and salad
Veggie ranch pizza**
Turkey burgers/veggie corn dogs/baked fries
Black bean nachos

As always, the starred recipes are the new ones that I’ll be blogging about in the weeks to come. Assuming I actually get around to making them this time. 🙂

Menu Planning (March 12th-26th) and Baked Explorations…

Menu planning for March 12th-26th.

Tomato soup/grilled cheese
Red pepper bagel sandwiches/soup**
Mexican Casserole**
Veggie Ranch Pizza**
Enchiladas (a recipe from the Pioneer Woman!)**
Turkey/veggie burgers/sweet potato fries**

Lots of new recipes coming up! The ones that I “starred” are the new ones, and I am super excited to spend the rest of my time off school in the kitchen!

My most exciting news? I finally took the plunge and bought “Baked Explorations”, a book I have been desperate to get my hands on for ages. The book focuses on making rustic, homemade, classic desserts. No cakes shaped like zebras or anything crazy like that. Just simple perfection. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes, but you should really just go buy the book anyway. 🙂 The hardest part now is choosing what to bake first. I am fascinated with all the options for breakfast (there is a recipe for Monkey Bread! I was so excited by that!), so maybe I’ll start there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Menu Planning–Feb. 13th-Feb. 27th

As I think I said in my last menu planning post, I am generally on a two week schedule when it comes to menu planning and grocery shopping. Sometimes I don’t get to everything on my menu in the two week period, either because we ended up going out of town for something or because we’ve had more leftovers than I counted on. Whenever that happens I just move the recipes I didn’t make to the menu for the next two weeks. That happened to two of my recipes this time, so I’m not making them again, just rearranging things so I can make them in the first place!

The Menu

salsa and rice wraps
turkey burgers for Chad, boca “chicken” wraps for me w/ oven fries
bruschetta and salad
blue cheese pasta
sloppy joes and salad

As a side note, in case anyone in the Evansville area is looking for natural, humanely raised meat, I highly recommend Stonewall Farms. That’s where we got our turkey this past Thanksgiving. You can order individual cuts of meat or join one of their CSA programs. They are terrific!

Menu Planning–January 30th-February 13th

In the spirit of honesty I will fully admit that I have been cooking, but kind of slacking on posting recipes. I’ve decided I’m going to start posting my menu planning to A) keep track of what we’ve had so I’m not forcing my poor husband to eat the same thing every week and B) force myself to actually update this when I make new recipes.

There is no magic formula for my menu planning. I actually wish there were, lately I’ve had a lot of trouble deciding what to make. We plan for two weeks. I generally plan 7-8 meals and plan on having leftovers fairly often and (*gasp*) frozen pizza or something similar at least one night. I try to plan for at least two new recipes per two week period.

So, the menu for the next two weeks:

Homemade spinach and feta pizza
White chili
Fettuccine Alfredo/garlic knots
Turkey burgers/Boca spicy “chicken” sandwiches, cajun oven fries
Ricotta Gnocchi
Salsa and rice enchiladas**
Turkey enchiladas**

The starred menu items are the new recipes that I should be posting sometime in the next two weeks.

Hopefully after this menu cycle we will have used up all the leftover Thanksgiving turkey and I can go back to my regularly scheduled veggie blogging. 🙂